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Why Computer Fleet Rental Companies Should Use Laptop Security Services

By in Mobile Security

If you’re in the business of renting laptop computers, you know all of the things that can go wrong when a rental agreement sours.

In the best case scenario, your renter returns your company’s laptop computer, but we know that oftentimes it isn’t that simple. Extenuating circumstances like loss or theft might be to blame or your renter might not be willing to return the laptop to you for whatever reason. Either way, you as a business, need to have the power to control your laptop fleet even if the devices aren’t in your physical possession and maximize the chance for return.

This is how Laptop Security Service insures that your laptop computer fleet can be remotely disabled from regular use after a laptop rental agreement has been terminated.

A simple software application installed on your fleet of computers empowers you to lock down the device remotely or offline. After the laptop has been locked down, full screen lock will make the laptop unusable until unlocked. Since the customer doesn’t hold the key to the lock, they can’t use it.

Other features that Laptop Security services provide that urge the return of your device include a device scream that makes the laptop a risk to handle and attracts the attention of others. Who wants to work on a laptop computer that’s emitting a scream? You guessed it, no one! Additionally, the software is programmed to take a user snapshot with the in-built webcam of anyone trying to access the laptop, so you know who was trying to access and use the device. Location mapping and IP tracking will help to locate the laptop whenever it’s connected to the internet, so recovery methods can be used.

In the case of loss or theft, this software would halt the unauthorized resale to a pawn store or individual by rendering it unusable. Potential buyers would also be alerted by a message on the lock screen that the laptop is being used in an unauthorized manner and urge them to return the laptop to the original owner, in this case - you.

If you’re looking to improve your bottom line and maintain control of your laptop fleet, Laptop Security Services are the solution for you. They’re cost effective and put you back in the driver’s seat.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you protect your laptop fleet rentals against loss, theft or unauthorized use, please Request A Quote today.