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Lost Or Stolen Laptops And Mobiles Could Cause A Social Media Nightmare

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If you’re like most of us, you’ve used your mobile phone or laptop computer to update your social media status, to upload a picture or to send out a quick tweet. Mobiles and laptops make updating convenient and easy to do with auto login, but this convenience could turn into a nightmare if your mobile phone or laptop computer is ever lost or stolen, especially if you’re a Social Media manager.

Take a moment to think about how many websites or applications you’ve set to automatically login to and imagine what could happen if someone other than yourself were able to access them. In just a few clicks this malicious person could access your contact list, they could deface your Social networking profiles, send out unsolicited messages or log in to any website or application that you’ve allowed access to. Even unintentional exposure of this sensitive data could damage your reputation and that of your clients, if you’re doing any kind of Social media management on their their behalf via your mobile device.

In recent news, a study found that more than 1 in 5 Brits have lost their mobile phone, while 12% of those asked reported having their mobile phone stolen. 18% said they used the same password across multiple mobile destinations.

It’s understandable that almost no one wants to sit around thinking about their mobile devices being lost or stolen, but numbers don’t lie. According to MXSweep, almost 12,000 laptop computers are lost in United States airports every week alone.

Owners of lost laptops and mobile phones are faced with the financial burden of replacement and the anxiety of not knowing what happened to their previous machine containing their private data, which is a heavy price to pay.

This is where Mobile and Laptop computer security services can save the day - and your mobile device. These services allow you to easily and affordable equip your laptop or mobile phone with software that locks down your device after being reported as lost or stolen. Upon lockdown, your laptop will take a picture of the person accessing it and use GPS to pinpoint it’s location, which results in it’s return to you.

If you’d like to find out more about mobile or Laptop computer security services, please Request A Quote to protect yourself in the event of loss, theft or unauthorized use of your favorite mobile devices.