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If you’ve been looking for a Europe based webhost for your business, you can end your search here! No matter whether you need to deploy a fully functional Hosted365 collaboration software solution, Hosted Exchange, an Epages E-Commerce solution or Hyper-V VPS hosting,  - we have everything you need to get your website up and running on reliable servers based...

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If you’re an artisan having a great Web Presence can help you showcase your creative work so all the world can see. Web Presence Builder Is A Great Solution For Modern Artists To Showcase Their Work Online No matter whether you create jewelry, handbags, needlework, pottery, paintings, glasswork, sculptures, crafts or you offer custom photography and custom...

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The great thing about eCommerce is that if you hit the right note with consumers, your growth is virtually unlimited. However, if you choose the wrong platform for your online store, moving up in size could be a big issue. That’s why we recommend and sell ePages to MostHost Cloud clients.  This application has been designed to deal with growth for companies of...

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What Is PayPal Phishing? If you ever receive a suspicious Email that purports to be from PayPal and something about it just doesn’t look right, this is likely to be a Paypal Phishing attack. These types of Emails are likely to contain bad English, claim that your Paypal Account was deactivated for suspicious activity or ask you to verify or update information...

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If you’ve received an Email that appears to be sent from Paypal with a subject line that reads “UnAuthorized Access: Case ID Number: PP-859-48-3971” Do not click on any links or attachments provided in the Email, because this is yet another phishing attack circulating on the Internet. Recipients that get this Email are urged to forward the Email to...

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Technology has changed the way people do almost everything these days - including holiday shopping. Before the age of mobile phones, holiday shoppers had to rely on their guile and intuition to find the perfect gifts for everyone on their Christmas list. If you were in search of the trendy, most popular gift items for kids or adults, you might have faced...

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