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Web Security For Compliance

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Web Security for compliance is gaining a head of steam as organizations realize they need an easy way to filter content on their networks in order to gain compliance.  But compliance is not the only important result of installing a rules-based policy for URL content filtering.   Using this easy-to-install solution, organizations can quickly decide what employee gets to visit what website and when.

Social networking makes using URL content filtering a must

Do you realize that casually using social media from their job is viewed as an entitlement by a large percentage of workers?  This means they honestly think that chatting with their friends on Facebook is their right!  If you’re in charge, this type of misuse of time can become very costly extremely fast.  You need a way to turn off their ability to waste time on certain websites and you need it to work right away and without fail.

Cloud-based Web Security with URL content filtering is the key to increased security because:

  1. It puts you in the driver’s seat.  You get to set the rules based on how you want them to be.  Employees will need to follow the policies.
  2. This solution is low-latency, and does not slow down your network because of its design. Experience safe, fast browsing.
  3. There’s no start-up cost.
  4. Your compliance officer will love the ease of use for removing restricted network activities.
  5. You can filter out porn or other undesirable surfing, yet keep the sites you want.
  6. You can choose to eliminate destinations entirely, or to limit access to them.  The choice is yours.

URL content filtering is a fast way to step up your security game.  The alternative is to allow unfiltered access, which is a complete danger in the modern workplace.  There are far too many threats present online to not implement proper safeguards.  Installing web security moves your organization one step closer to compliance.

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