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Viruses In Emails Cause Big Trouble For Businesses

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Email viruses are the cause of many headaches at businesses of all sizes, especially businesses that have numerous employees using corporate Email addresses. Logic dictates that the more people that you have sending and receiving Emails at your organization, the greater the chances are that someone will click on an Email that has a virus.

Malicious Email Causes Headaches For Business People

Over the years, Email viruses have evolved to look legitimate and use various underhanded tactics to lure recipients into clicking on infected file attachments or to visit a website that contains malware (aka: malicious software.) Once a virus Email has been opened, the malicious code contained therein is used to probe your computer network and find vulnerabilities that can be used to steal identities, breach data or to help spread the virus to other unsuspecting victims.

Recently, there’s been a rise in Email viruses and SpearPhishing attacks being sent out to people worldwide. Spearphishing Emails are clever because they appear to be sent from someone that you know and ask you to confirm if you’re in a picture, or some other ploy - that’s attached, of course. Just one click on an infected file and the virus is off and running - repeating itself and sending itself to everyone in your contact list (or lists.)

Other schemes include forged Emails that appear to be sent from a number of Governmental agencies including the IRS, the FBI and others. These transmissions try to trick the reader into clicking on links by claiming that they have a tax refund coming or that their bill didn’t go through and they need to pay it to avoid penalties. Don’t be fooled! The IRS issued a warning regarding this type of Email, but if your employees aren’t paying attention or get fooled into clicking on these links, your entire corporate network is now put at risk. In addition to costly virus cleanup, your business might also experience downtime or require new computer equipment to recover from this type of attack.

Averting your employees from clicking on malicious Email viruses and infected websites is easy with the proper security solutions in place. Web content filtering blocks employees from visiting websites that are deemed to contain network threats such as spyware, phishing and other malicious applications. If your employee can’t get to the website, he or she won’t be able to download and infect your computers. Email security uses the power of cloud computing to recognize suspicious Email and quarantine it remotely off of your network so it has little chance of infecting your business computers.

If you’d like to protect your business from viruses sent in Emails, we invite you to request a no obligation quote on an affordable, no hardware needed, Email Security and Web Security solution that can be customized to your specific needs.