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Can You Get Computer Security through Web Browsers?

By in Internet Security

Through a web browser you have the chance of surfing the Internet world allowing you to have access to all the desired sites and online information. Given their importance in this field, these browsers have become the target of many computer violators since these devices have been found with computer security gaps presented in their structure. Thus many infections...

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Cross Examining Blekko, Google, and Bing for Wikipedia Results

By in Search

As an SEO (someone who participates in doing SEO work as part of their career) it can sometimes be very frustrating to see Wikipedia rank for everything under the sun - and they continuously do so for thousands upon thousands of results. Wikipedia is a dominating force to be reckoned with on the Internet, and they can be very hard to overcome if you are trying...

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Best Phone Apps for Successful College Students

By in Mobile

It seems mobile phone apps have more than entertainment value. They can help you with your studies too. They can help you find and order textbooks as you go by scanning the bar code with the camera or searching by title or number. It is easy to find and rent textbooks this way. Phone apps can also help students track homework by means of an interface. Assignments...

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