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There’s No Need For A Web Content Filtering Appliance When You Use SaaS

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If you’ve been researching for ways to filter web content on your corporate, educational or Organizational computer network, chances are you found that a web content filtering appliance is one of the options available to you.

Much the same way that technology companies are moving away from storing critical data on hard drives, SaaS - or Software As A Service - eliminates the need to use a physical web content filtering appliance at your place of business. Instead, IT managers use an online portal to set access permissions for their personnel. Access permissions don’t have to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution and can be modified by individual or by department.

How Content Filtering Works

Increase Productivity In Your Workplace

You would be surprised by how much time is cumulatively being wasted by employees visiting websites not related to work. A SaaS based web content filtering system can help reduce or eliminate time spent at popular video sharing websites and social networking websites by remotely enforcing your access rules without having to stand over everyone’s shoulder.

Since not all employees are responsible for the same type of work, you might decide to grant your social media department unlimited access to your business page during the workday, but you might want to limit access to their personal social media page. You can do this seamlessly with SaaS and assure that your personnel aren’t visiting websites that contain adult or other types of unauthorized content.

Reduce Legal Liability

While you might not give a lot of thought to the risks that illegal, copy-righted and inappropriate content might present to your organization, web content filtering can stop this type of content from entering your workplace so it doesn’t potentially  result in criminal or harassment lawsuits.

Protect Your Corporate Network From Malicious Websites

Our web content filtering solution helps protect your corporate network by remotely preventing employees from visiting websites that contain spyware, phishing and other malicious applications. By blocking access to these types of websites you can stop virus outbreaks and downtime associated with malware.

If You’re Ready To Implement A Solution, We’re Here To Help!

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