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How To Stop Press Release Information From Early Publication Using Encryption Services

In today’s fast paced news reporting cycle, keeping embargoed news a secret can be a challenge for Corporations and Public Relations firms everywhere.

Keep Embargoed News Quiet Until Release Date

Keep Embargoed News Quiet Until Release Date

Embargoed news is information that’s provided to journalists with the understanding that it won’t be released to the general public until a specific date or time. Typical embargoed news stories could include press releases, scientific discoveries, Quarterly or Annual reports, new product releases, special offers or promotions, acquisition news, partner news or any other major announcement that a business has.

In many cases, these news stories are sent via Email to media outlets days or a week ahead of time so they can prepare them for print.

Although most publications honor a “gentleman’s agreement” by not leaking this type of information prior to the requested release date, the temptation to print “breaking news” in an effort to generate more website traffic can be overwhelming to some publishers and can result in the early release of information contained in a news embargo. Early publication might also be accidental due to a miscommunication in the newsroom.

In either situation, breaking an embargo is typically considered a serious breach of trust and can result in the source barring the offending news outlet from receiving advance information for a long period of time.

If you’re in the business of distributing embargoed news and you want to keep your information confidential until your preferred release date, cloud Email encryption is the solution to your problem of keeping this news “under wraps” by setting time and date policies that prohibit people from accessing the information until it’s the right day (or time.)

This protects your breaking news from accidental or willful publication ahead of your desired release date using Egress Switch software, through our partnership with MXSweep.

If you’d like to protect your time sensitive press releases or other corporate announcements from being distributed early, we can help! Request a free, no-obligation quote for encryption services or give us a call at 1-877-270-7753 to get started today!

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