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Cloud Phone Service Is Easy To Establish

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Alexander Graham Bell would be amazed at the strides communications have made since he patented the first telephone in 1876.

Simple phone calls used to require the work of skilled operators to connect the you with the right person and long distance phone calls could really add costs to your business’ monthly bill.

Keep Connected Wherever You Are

Fast forward 136 years to present day.

Technology has advanced quite a bit, making it easier than ever for business people to offer a professional phone system to to their callers. One of these technologies is a cloud phone service.

Establishing a cloud phone service is simple to do. Unlike other phone systems that require you to purchase multiple phones and a physical PBX system, a cloud phone system allows you to deploy a new business phone number of your choice in minutes. Once you’ve selected your phone number and established an account, all incoming phone calls to your new phone number can be routed any way that you’d like.

This is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs and mobile workers that want to be able to take business phone calls, even when they’re away from their desk.

Other features that come with this cloud phone service include a Customizable welcome greeting for all callers, ability for callers to dial by extension, integrated music on hold, Find Me/Follow Me capability that can sequentially dial different phone numbers to reach you, answer now capability that can ring multiple phones at the same time, business voice mail general mailbox and individual mail boxes and flexible call routing schedules and  live call management with hold, transfer and conference call capabilities.

No matter whether your business handles a handful of incoming phone calls in a day or you spend hours on the phone with incoming customer phone calls there’s a plan to fit your needs. To find out more about this great new way of taking phone calls using the cloud, please visit and get started today!