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Cloud Phone Providers Step Up Your Business Image

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Owning and operating a small and growing business can certainly have it’s share of challenges, but offering a professional phone system for incoming phone calls no longer has to be one of them.

Cloud Phone Provider Basics

Cloud Phone Provider Basics

Not that long ago, only larger companies had the resources and technology to provide callers features like the ability to call by extension, by department, to offer ‘music on hold’, the ability to offer conference calling, forward calls, offer voicemail and call routing rules, but cloud phone providers have changed the game and leveled the playing field for small and medium businesses everywhere.

What Does A Cloud Provider Offer?

Basically, a cloud phone provider offers all of the features and functionality that a traditional PBX system offers for a much lower cost investment. Here’s a list of what you can do with a business cloud phone system in place:

  • Customizable welcome greeting for all callers
  • Customizable menu greetings for business hours
  • After hours navigation
  • Ability for callers to dial by extension
  • Integrated navigation menu for departments or individuals
  • Ability to play audio clips as a navigation selection (directions, hours, etc.)
  • Integrated music on hold
  • Smart call routing based upon time of day or individual user preferences
  • Automated call transfer to an extension or to an external number
  • Find Me/Follow Me capability that can sequentially dial different phone numbers to reach you
  • Answer now capability that can ring multiple phones at the same time
  • Business voice mail general mailbox and individual mail boxes
  • Flexible call routing schedules
  • Live call management with hold, transfer and conference call capabilities

Another convenience a cloud phone provider offers your business it doesn’t require new or expensive equipment to implement. It works in conjunction with your existing serviced phones - both LAN and mobile - allowing you to stay connected with incoming phone calls no matter where you are. In the event that you have employees or staff members, the “Find Me/Follow Me” feature can be used to sequentially call all team members until a representative is able to answer the call or the “Answer Now” feature that rings all team members at the same time and whoever is available to answer the call can.

Better Call Management

If you’ve always wondered about how calls are being handled in your organization, a cloud phone system gives you the tools you need to see exactly what number is calling you, whether the call was missed or answered, who took the call -if answered  - and the  length of the call.

Offer A Toll-Free Or Local Phone Number

Cloud phone providers give you the ability to choose from either a local or a toll-free phone number, depending on your business objectives. If you’d like to appeal to a broader audience, a toll-free number is great to encourage prospective customers to contact your business at no charge to them.

In a nutshell, having a cloud phone system in place can help boost your business image by offering callers features that people have become accustomed to in their course of every day business dealings. By offering this same type of solution to your business callers, you can be assured you look like the top dog!

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