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A Toll Free Phone Number Makes Your Business More Accessible

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If you’ve been thinking about ways that can help increase your business, one thing that might not have crossed your mind is offering a toll free number to existing and potential customers.

A toll free phone number is a no-risk way for people to get in contact with you without having to pay long distance charges themselves.

This affordable upgrade helps to build trust with people because it offers convenience and ease of use. With the growth of small and medium sized businesses offering toll free numbers for their customers, you shouldn’t be surprised that your customer wants them, too.

Toll Free Isn’t Just 1-800 Anymore!

Over the years there’s been so much demand for toll free business phone numbers that 1-800 isn’t the only toll free number being offered. Businesses can now choose from 877, 888, 855 and 866 numbers and start taking incoming phone calls immediately.

Toll Free Phone Routing Made Easy

Toll Free Phone Routing Made Easy

Your Toll Free Phone Number Should Provide You With Call Routing, Too!

Having a toll free number just got better.

If you’re a small or medium sized business that has mobile employees or offers your personnel the opportunity to work from home, having a toll free number that also offers smart call routing helps keep everyone in your office stay connected, even when they’re away from their physical desk.

By offering smart call routing, you have the ability to set up departmental extensions, personal extensions, offer an ‘after hours’ menu, the ability to offer music on hold, conduct conference calls, forward calls to another operator, track all incoming phone calls, offer voicemail and customizable greetings to callers.

Compatible With Your Existing Phone Services

Best of all, with our toll free cloud based phone system, you don’t have to spend extra money on new phone equipment. It works with your existing mobile phones or LAND lines and you have control over how all incoming phone calls are handled. It offers a ‘Find Me/Follow Me’ capability that can sequentially dial different phone numbers to reach you or your employees or choose the ‘Answer Now’ capability that can ring multiple phones at the same time.  In the event that no one answers, callers will then be given the option of leaving a message.

Offer Your Toll Free Number At Your Website

If you maintain a website for your business, this SaaS based solution also comes with a ‘click to call’ widget that allows your website visitors the ability to “click to call” you. This feature helps break the ice between you and your potential customers and is helpful for your loyal clients that want an easy way to connect with you.

If you’d like to learn about our unique cloud based calling plans and get a toll free number for your business, please Click here to get started today.