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6 Traffic Generation Tips For A Business Blog

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If you blog for any amount of time, you end up getting a bit obsessed with your traffic numbers. It makes sense. All the work you’re doing making great content should have some results. How you measure those results might change from person to person, but suffice it to say that most people like to have decent traffic to their blog. Not all subjects are extremely popular, but with consistent effort, any blogger can increase their traffic.

Slow But Steady Wins The Race

This is a marathon, this blogging thing. This is not a sprint! You have to consider just how long it takes to build traffic to a blog. Business blogs are no different. When you start a new blog or website, it will take the internet a while to catch up. That’s because your site just isn’t that visible. You don’t have that many entries that can be found via search and you don’t have too many social shares. You’re new and it shows! You have to accept this fact and realize that you’ll have to work consistently to capture people’s attention.

Write For Your Audience

Keep your subject matter entertaining for your audience. It’s not always easy to stay on topic, but if you maintain a theme, readers will begin to catch on. If nothing else, always try to be as clear as possible in your communications. If your audience is comprised of a certain demographic, try and appeal to them as much as possible. With a blog you can’t really afford to try to be ‘all things to all people.‘ Staying focused is difficult, but it pays dividends over time in the form of increased traffic.

StumbleUpon Is Great For Bloggers

Don’t Forget StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a social network that doesn’t get as much attention as Facebook or Twitter.  For bloggers, though, submitting to StumbleUpon should be a top priority.  Sure, a lot of the traffic will bounce early, but you’ll find a number of them stick around and read your content.  Make sure to participate a bit on StumbleUpon yourself, and don’t forget to ‘stumble‘ great work wherever you find it.  Adding a StumbleUpon sharing icon to your blog posts is always a great idea.  It makes it easy for people to “Like” you.  Give it a try if you haven’t used StumbleUpon.  It’s well worth it for new bloggers who are trying to generate more traffic.

Blog At Your Own Pace

There are no right and wrong rules on how often you should update your blog.  Do what feels right for you.  Keep in mind, the more content you have, the more likely it is you’ll be found by internet searchers who are looking for your products or service.  You need a lot of coverage to be seen online.  That means the more blog updates you make, the more likely it is that your website will become important in the minds of searchers and search engines.  That said, don’t post so often that your content quality suffers.  In recent months, Google has really changed how it evaluates websites.  Now there’s a much higher emphasis on quality than there used to be.  That means you might be better off editing an old page rather than making a new one. In particular, take care not to produce too many articles aimed at the same set of keywords.

Learn Along The Way 

Victory Is Yours

Blogging is a process more than a destination.  Make sure you learn the trade as you go along.  There are lots of blogs that offer tips about blogging.  You can check them for helpful tips to take your blogging to the next level.  You also should pay attention to try and learn from your experience. Blogging is not difficult.  Once you develop the skills necessary to build a successful blog, you’ll realize additional benefits.  If you start off and don’t feel like you’re doing a great job, relax.  Nobody is ever that great at something when they first start. Just keep on working and improving your blogging skills and you will begin to achieve many of your goals.

Never Give Up

When you first start off blogging, there won’t be very many signs that indicate you’re doing a great job.  You’ll need to rely on faith in yourself to get you through.  That’s why it’s important you do the best job possible blogging.  When you finally start to see some results, you will likely feel very rewarded!  When people begin commenting on your posts and sharing, you start to get a sense of satisfaction.  For business bloggers, your goal is even better.  You’re getting people to become aware of your business.  Blogging remains a great way to advertise your products and services to the public while at the same time adding value and being informative.

Victory is yours!  If you enjoyed this post, please share it.  Also, feel free to add any comments.  I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by.